A Green Cambscuisine in 2022:

Pub & Restaurants have so many moving parts. Many of these moving parts require plenty of energy. We are always looking to be as mindful of our carbon foot print and we do our level best to ensure that we are being efficient, diligent and that we use suppliers that share our values…this is ‘non-nonsense’ and real.

As a Cambridgeshire centric business we can do a huge amount to reduce our footprint compared to many in our sector. Our six sites are close, we use local suppliers and we are fully integrated into the local economy and community.

We only serve fish that are rated as sustainably safe: 1-3 on MCS. (Marrfish)

Read our full Fish Sustainability Policy here.

Our meat is produced with high level of provenance. (Direct Meats)

We have collaborations with Local Breweries (Papworth, Brew Board and Adnams)

Our wine list is juiced by Cambridge Wine, a local wine merchants. 80% of our wine list is  organic, our wine list largely being sourced from small producers in the Languedoc.

We use a local suppliers for our non consumables, Andrew Bretton at HMK Supplies.

We recycle all of our oil with Olleco.

We divert 20% of our Cambscuisine Community Fund into tree and hedge planting. First project is with the Hemingford Grey Parish council. Much more to come on this.

We have separate bins for food, glass and cardboard

We recycle (at some sites) our coffee granules to make Coffee logs (see below) with Bio Bean.

All our takeaway packaging is recyclable.

We use biodegradable straws (See below)

We will be buying gas and electric from solely renewable energy companies when we come to renew our contracts in the middle of 2022.

All our Light bulbs are LED.

Our water (sparkling and still) is delivered in partnership with Sela Vie Water who promote

We use a small amount of in-house fruit, quince and Plums mainly, which grow in our Pub gardens.

Future plans include:

Electric Car charging points at Country sites.

Senior management t team (4) all to have company funded electric cars.

100% Fruit and Veg from East Anglia. This is the plan. We are working hard to to try and deliver by by 2025. At present 70%.


At Cambscuisine we have made a commitment to only serving sustainable fish on our menus. We have carefully chosen our supplier, Marrfish, based on their commitment to sustainable fishery.

All our restaurants only serve fish rated 1-3 in the Marine Conservation Society’s ‘Good Fish Guide.’ 




As a restaurant group we serve a lot of coffee, and we drink our fair share of it too! We’re delighted to have found Bio-bean, an award-winning clean energy company who collect all our waste coffee grounds and turn them into bio fuels such as coffee logs, biomass pellets, biodiesel and biochemicals.

These second-generation fuels don’t take up any land or contribute emissions associated with land-use change. Instead, they’re made of a waste destined for landfill – so it’s a double saving, environmentally speaking. Furthermore they produce 60% less CO2 than sending the waste to landfill and they’re made locally at Bio-bean’s factory in St Ives.

Plastic Straws  

We have implemented a straw policy to reduce the amount of single-use straws used in our restaurants:

– We only give a straw when the drink really needs one (or when requested by the customer)
– We no longer use single-use plastic stirrers
– We use predominantly paper straws instead of plastic. These go into our food waste bins and are mulched down into fertiliser/compost.

Whilst looking at plastic straws we were also able to make some small tweaks to our other non-consumables to reduce consumption or increase recycling. This is something we continue to look at and welcome your feedback and suggestions.