Fish Sustainability Policy

The Problem

  • Some species of fish are at risk due to over fishing and poor fishing practices
  • The overexploitation of fish stocks is a threat to the ecological balance of the Earth

What We Can Do

Source fish as sustainably as we can from a responsible supplier.

We have carefully chosen our supplier, Marrfish, based on their commitment to sustainable fishery (see more about Marrfish below.)

All our restaurants only serve fish rated 1-3 by the Marine Conservation Society.
To help the customer make a more sustainable choice the MCS rating will be stated on our menus where possible.
With specials dishes we also write the rating on the specials board.

About Marrfish

Marrfish are based in Bishop’s Stortford from where they process fish caught by their fleet of 35+ vessels. Their vessels fish off the North East of Scotland, the South Coast as well as further afield.
We have selected Marrfish based on the following reasons:

  • Participation in the ‘Responsible Fishing Scheme’ – an independent audited assessment of a vessel’s
    sustainable fishing practices. 75% of their vessels are equipped with CCTV to ensure fish caught that isn’t in their quota isn’t discarded back into the sea.
  • Use of innovative fishing techniques
  • Participation in the ‘Fishing For Litter’ Scheme
  • A family-owned business yet big enough to deliver a consistent product to all our restaurants
  • On request Marrfish can give us the vessel name, location, date and even time that all fish supplied to us was caught. They are excellent at advising us on sustainable fish choices.

Sourcing Fish Sustainably