We visit the region twice a year with staff, and have met very nearly all of the wine makers on our list.

Seven producers supply the majority of our Languedoc wines. All are small growers showing great care and passion to their wine making.

We have a fantastic relationship with Cambridge Wine Merchants who accompany us on trips to the Languedoc and have introduced us to some of our favourite producers:

Domaine Gayda
Domaine des Trinités
Château Viranel
Domaine Danjou-Banessy
Domaine des Soulanes
Domaine Sainte Croix
Château Vincens
Domaine La Combe Blanche
Domaine Les Yeuses
Domaine des Pradels-Quartironi
Château d’Anglès


We take our real ales very seriously. So seriously we have our own beer festivals twice a year! All our restaurants serve local real ales at sensible prices. We have also developed a local craft beer with our friends at BrewBoard called SMÖKEVURKS which is availble at all of our pubs and restaurants. (see below at Smokeworks too)

Some of our favourite breweries include:


Nene Valley

You’ll also find our love of beer extends into Smokeworks. While the focus here is centred on modern craft beer styles, we’d like to think we have something to offer anyone who walks through the door of either of our Smokeworks TAPs. In April 2019 this focus and passion led to the creation of our own craft ale, made in collaboration with Brewboard based in Harston, SMÖKEVURKS⁣ is the perfect session Pale Ale⁣ at ⁣4.0% abv⁣. To find out more about this great beer and the people who brew it, visit the Brewboard website.