COVID-19 Measures


Our priority is to ensure that both our teams and our customers safety is at the forefront of everything we do. It is also important to us at Cambscuisine that we deliver a welcoming experience to all of our customers and that you enjoy your visit to our pubs and restaurants.
Our 10 point ‘safe socialising plan’ to keep you safe and confident when visiting one of our establishments.

Safe Socialising! Our 10 point plan.
1. Spacing of tables along with clear and effective signage to ensure social distancing guidelines are met.
2. Staff comprehensively retrained in procedures and their temperatures and health checklist completed prior to their shift.
3. Where possible the ability for our customers to order and pay at the table using their own phone, we are going cashless.
4. Hygiene stations on entry and exit to our sites. Key touch points sanitised regularly.
5. Toilets checked and cleaned regularly with hygiene stations located at the entrances.
6. Front of house staff wear a mask / face covering at all times; customers when not seated at their inside table.
7. Full table clean down and menu sanitised between each use.
8. Cutlery and condiments will not laid up and will be bought to your table. By all means bring own cutlery or glassware should it make you feel more comfortable.
9. Screens located at key customer/staff interaction points.
10. Every customer will need to scan the NHS QR code or leave their name and phone number with the restaurant.

We will be reviewing our 10 point plan regularly and will adapt according to government guidelines.

It is important to us that we give you service and variety, therefore, should the above steps not meet with your requirements we offer a takeaway service and ‘cook at home meal kits’ in many of our restaurants. When you do visit us, things may be a little different from the moment you arrive. However, we are looking forward to seeing you very soon and will be offering you a very warm welcome!